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Welcome to the home page of Han Geerligs. Also the home of Demeterweb. Take a look at What's New in this web.

This site is mainly about my musical activities. The emphasis is on the songs I have written and arranged for the various bands.

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What's New


7 march 2006

bulletFinally found some time to update this website. Been pretty busy last few months with all kinda things.
bulletFirstly played with Hazenoten at the yearly Carnaval. Was a nice one: good atmosphere in the band, enthusiastic audience and no illness for me this time! One highlight for me was Karnavalsmis, where we played my arrangement of Hijo De La Luna and a wonderful Oblivion, featuring Hellen on clarinet.
bulletDid do rehearsals with Crusade, working on new songs as Whipping Post (Frank Zappa version) and Get Down. The latter is a Gilbert O'Sullivan original which we play in a more laid back raunchy blues groove.
bulletAlso worked with Demeter on some new songs. To start with "Song For Bilbao", a modern clssic by Pat Metheny. In fact we were inspired by the amazing version of Michael Brecker on his album Tales From The Hudson. Second one is Leroy Street by Peter Erskine. This was suggested by Pieter, who appears to be a lifetime fan of Erskine.First rendition on yesterdays rehearsal was quite well. So we're gonna perform this on our next gig at April 1st (Fool's Day!).
bulletFinally we will play with Vlietstra Gang next sunday at Cafe De Bel (Rotterdam) again. So be there! Starting at 17.30!!

15 january 2006

bulletanother year started, let's hope it will be a good one. Also best wishes for readers of this site, as far as they didn't receive best wishes from me already.
bulletThe year kicked off with New years Party with Crusade and Traveller. It was crowded (about 200 people), thus contributing to a nice evening, good music, and a fabulous start.
bulletLast week Vlietstra Gang had a public rehearsal at cafe De Bel in Rotterdam. The seven men (and a lot of soul) introduced amongst the well known tracks also Big Mondays (New Cool Collective). This evening also was the debut of me as a lead singer: was little exciting and frightening but I enjoyed it anyway.
bulletYesterday we recorded and rehearsed with Royal Scam (Steely Dan covers). Once again a new song: My Old School. Worked pretty well, and even more important: rehearsal was going marvellous.I added the scores of My Old School to the Royal Scam Page.
bulletToday ZHFO was playing New Years concert in Waddinxveen. Also due to some unexpected guests (?!) this was a surprising experience....

30 december 2005

bulletThis year has almost gone into the history books. So a quick update on the final events taking place for me.
bulletRoyal Scam is establishing itself as a band to specialize in charity concerts. The 17th we were present at an event for Nicaragua in Leerdam. Except for the money which was collected we enjoyed ourselves with some good old fashioned punk music from Onslow. We couldn't help starting to do the pogo dance, sweeping anyone from the dance floor. Also noteworthy was a free interpretation of the classic "Brandend Zand", with help of the Scam Ladies.
bulletThe Relatives played Parkzicht the 18th. I was happy to meet many familiar people there (almost relatives...). Anyway the music was a nice mix between latin and swing and everything in between.
bulletThe gig for Vlietstra Gang is fixed now on january 12th 2006.
bulletWhen visiting the exhibition of Tjarko's paintings old memories came back alive. Because of the extension with two weeks there will be a chance for anyone to witness the beauty of his work. So be there!

11 december 2005

bulletJust returned from session at Arina's. Was last time for Ab (of Vlietstra Gang). Was nice to meet so many people again, pretty crowded too
bulletProbably Vlietstra Gang strikes again next year at De be there! 

29 november 2005

bulletCrusade has again played well at Bokbier festival. Also thanks to your sub bass player Kees all went well. Is always special to be with a Rotterdam band in our  capital!
bulletHazenoten at Onthulling was going fine. Luckily for us Ron (without) Snor was pronounced to be Prins next year. Anyway he knows how to talk and sing!
bullet18th of November was a very special occasion for Demeter. We played at the overview exhibition of paintings of our late drummer Tjarko Ten Have. Was wonderful to be in between his paintings of Miles, Tony, Bird and Jaco again. Brought back feelings of the old times to can be found at Markgraaf;
bulletGetting busy for carnaval. This years Loeiersfestijn was held last week. I think it started now really!

24 october 2005

bulletWas quite a busy weekend: friday starting with Enterprise playing Total Music. Anything was going right, except for the number of people in the audience. But the ones present surely had a good time.
bulletSaturday was ZHFO rehearsal. Was used to get a taste of some new pieces which will be played at the concert in December. Needs some practising though!
bulletSunday Hazenoten played at Moergestel. Ideal opportunity to test some new tracks on a live audience.
bulletIn the evening final rehearsal if Crusade for the gig next week at Beurs Van Berlage. I am sure anything will work out fine.  

3 october 2005

bulletTime for an update again.
bulletI did quite some stand-in work for Seasound Bigband this month. So had the opportunity to visit the beautiful little town of Brielle.
bulletThings are looking bad for "Theatre boat BEP". As for now it seems to be closed next year. Would be a shame for the cultural atmosphere in Rotterdam. So for anyone who feels like to conserve this unique initiative, feel free to object against the proposed closure!! Any reaction will count! For more info how to do this, see the BEP-site.
bulletLast month was also the first public performance of Vlietstra Gang! We were playing at the historic place of Sybold. Pictures will be posted soon on the Gang-page.
bulletEnterprise played Steenbergen. Deep down in the south in a typical Brabantse pub.
bulletGiving some arrangements to the public domain, as can be seen on the WHD-page.
bulletThe Demeter performance at Art Gallery in Kalmthout, in memory of our former drummer Tjarko is now fixed! Demeter will be paying tribute musically, in the presence of some reknown speakers.


4 september 2005

bulletBeen some time since updating this mentioning distinct things happening last few weeks.
bulletWe played with Demeter at wedding in Ouddorp. Was also an encounter with our former pianist Lourens. He also joined for a couple of (his own) songs, amongst which the latin tinged Caruela
bulletWeek after Enterprise was final act on the bigband festival in Delft. Was nice to meet the band we will meet again at their festival in Steenbergen this month.
bulletLast week Crusade played the Pijnackerplein. After a haunting start we recovered well and enjoyed being there.
bulletYesterday Victory Horns played at Wereld  Haven Dagen (World Harbour Days) in Rotterdam. Especially for this occasion I have arranged some pop songs. Ranging from Soul (Dancing In The Streets and Proud Mary) to mainstream pop (Angels, Nonstop Dance) to Gospel (Unchain My Heart) and Dutch songs (Als Ze Er Niet Is). Also we supported for the backing vocals!
bulletToday Demeter played at "Theatre boat BEP". In a sunny atmosphere we enjoyed being outside, nice audience and wonderful music. Luckily many of our musical friends showed up and encouraged us with vocal support and intense listening. Also female singer Sanne surprised with her warm sounding voice.
bulletIn the meantime I did some standin work for SeaSound Bigband and Region Bigband.
bulletFinally I enjoyed watching the Robin Hood piece at De Kersouwe. Of course in the open air. It was very crowded (1520 people!) and they were all very enthusiastic!

8 august 2005

bulletPublished Crusade Votinglist.

7 august 2005

bulletPut some MP3's for Crusade on the site.

31 july 2005

bulletHad a nice time in Hoek van Holland. As the name says it is located very close to the sea, at the edge of my country. We were pleased to play with Crusade. Luckily the rain was postponed until last 10 minutes. Nevertheless the audience had a good time.
bulletThe Supernatural Festival in Utrecht was nice! Bunch of relaxed people, good vibes and of course some amazing bands. Varying from electric jazz of State Of Monc, through the fusion sounds of Lonnie Liston Smith to the deep funk of Lefties Soul Connection and Quantic Soul Orchestra. Particularly singer Alice Russell was wonderfull... and I was happy to hear some new songs, amongst which a nice Spanish tinged composition.

24 july 2005

bulletThe gig with Big Fun was nice. Particularly the green surroundings of the Oranjerie were wonderful.
bulletJust returned from the WMC with ZHFO. At first it was a nice weekend with some nice people and fellow musicians (in that order). Furthermore we had a good result, occupying the 3rd place. I have been told this is a remarkable result, so have to rely on that!
bulletI will start doing arranging work for the upcoming event at september 3rd playing pop with The Portables, marking the return of the Victory Horns!
bulletUpdated the agenda once again

14 july 2005

bulletbeen busy with ZHFO lately, rehearsing for the WMC next week. As preparation we played at Alphen a/d Rijn, together with DSS.
bulletbeen starting working on a short term project, playing pop covers with a horn section at the Rotterdam' Wereld Haven Dagen 2005.

3 july 2005

bulletyesterday was a sad day for Leerdam: it was the last opening night for De Souffleur. As was told it used to be a place where many young jazz/pop musicians could grow into maturity. Too bad this had to stop after 15 years. For me personally I have been frequenting it only for a year, but have got to know many wonderful persons and musicians over there.
bulletfinished the salsa workshop with Hermine Schneider doing a nice little rehearsal/concert.
bulletPlayed again with Hazenoten in the sun: but fortunately I got hold of a nice Crawford-cap.
bulletFinally I was standing in with Big Band Blast! in the Rotterdam venue "Prachtig!"

19 june 2005

bullethas been some time since posting anything. The playing at the wedding with Demeter was nice, particularly the old building. More info can be found here. I found that the building is from 1869!
bulletThe concert with ZHFO was influenced by the wonderful weather this weekend. I think many people preferred barbecue and relaxing above listening to a nice concert. Too bad for them!
bulletToday I was little sunburned when playing with Hazenoten on a sunny afternoon (thx to the Kinks ;-) ). But was nice after all...

14 june 2005

bulletwas busy weekend with two gigs. First one was with Crusade at Souffleur Leerdam. Too ba that this will be closed next year: place full of atmosphere and memories
bulletsunday was also nice with Vlietstra Gang at Arina's. We even had the opportunity to try some new arrangements. Special thanks to Joost for being a perfect standin for this occasion. I hope we can cooperate more in the future.

12 june 2005

bulletadded "Mo Better Blues" to Vlietstra Gang

10 june 2005

bulletadded MP3s and scores to Vlietstra Gang

8 june 2005

bulletupdated the page for Vlietstra Gang, including new songs

4 june 2005

bulletJust enjoyed the Lyn Leon concert. Despite the windy weather it was wonderful: nice songs, great voice and glassy instruments. Too bad so few people showed up, but was nevertheless worthwhile
bulletToeterade with Hazenoten was going well: anyway we played distinctive repertoire
bulletJust thinking about some new songs to arrange for the next Vlietstra Gang performance at Arina's

14 may 2005

bulletHave been enjoying playing with Demeter at Souffleur. All our friends of Royal Scam showed up and the band played loosely, though intense. Was also the live debut of fusion tracks as Kalimba, which were going great! 

11 may 2005

bulletFirst rehearsal with George went great!
bulletgig with Seasound Bigband was going well. Unfortunately we had to take care of the volume because of the age of our audience!

1 may 2005

bulletEnjoyed the performance with Dizzy Jazz Orchestra on a sunny Queen's day.
bulletCrusade has found a new drummer: George Daams !

24 april 2005

bulletWas a nice evening yesterday, being on stage with the Victory Horns and the Royal Scam band. Despite low lights anything was going well. As one said: a magical band!

21 april 2005

bulletAdded the Alto part for Jo-Jo on page for Boz Scaggs project.

18 april 2005

bulletFinished the arrangement for Miss Riddle for Boz Scaggs project.

17 april 2005

bulletYesterday with Demeter in Faas was great! We played two  balanced sets. The audience was wonderful as expected, also due to the happy occasion. For the next performance in Leerdam we will be rehearsing some other new tracks.
bulletI set up a Boz Scaggs page for the upcoming LvL performance.

10 april 2005 (2)

bulletPlaying with Vlietstra Gang at Arina's was going great! For me it was a perfect mix of arranged songs and spontaneous improvisation. I feel the same was true for the audience: anybody who was there will agree with it!
bulletwill start arranging Boz Scaggs songs for the upcoming event with Royal Scam backing up for Hein Derksen.
bulletHeard today that Demeter Horns also might be playing with a salsa band on the 23 april event. More on that soon.

10 april 2005 (1)

bulletHave been writing last few days for the upcoming session at Arina with the Vlietstra Gang.
bulletI have been invited to play with the Dizzy Jazz Orchestra on two gigs. More about that soon.

3 april 2005

bulletYesterday I had to travel quite some distance to play with ZHFO at Abbekerke. This is a nice little town in the north of Holland, close to Hoorn. We did a concert together with Crescendo. Thanks to our guest director Sander Teepe the performance went well.
bulletEnterprise played at Schiedam at 2nd Easter Day. Traditionally this day might be used to visit furniture shows and we did that as well. though in a musical way!
bulletAfterwards I did join the jamsession at Cafe Merz in Dordrecht. Meeting some fellow musicians as Ger, Marianne and also the local band Whipsmash. Was a nice afternoon after all.
bulletThe Vlietstra Gang is complete now with bass player Erwin Huigen! This line-up will perform sunday 10th April in Cafe Arina.
bulletI posted Royal Scam pictures of 26 march.

27 march 2005

bulletRoyal Scam played at "Het Dak" yesterday. It was a nice event in a big concerthall, large stage, impressive PA stack. Thanks to our sound engineers Adri and Andreas it sounded marvellous for the audience. The whole band was present, even Annebelle who was a little ill. The 1 hour set was balanced, although we couldn't make the whole setlist. We'll save that for the next time. In the meantime we are busy having a look at the recordings yesterday and working on some possibilities for gigs.

23 march 2005

bulletAdded the lyrics of "Pretzel Logic" to the Royal Scam page (yes, for Michael again!)
bulletfinished the setlist for Royal Scam concert. Thanks to our loyal supporter Gina the information on Mizar5 is updated.

20 march 2005 (2)

bulletJust returned from rehearsal with Royal Scam band. We managed to play the entire setlist, comprising of 12 tracks. The new arrangements of Bad Sneakers and Rikki were going well. Was anyway nice to meet the other bandmembers again after quite some time.
bulletPut some SD MP3s on the site, especially for Michael ;-)

20 march 2005 (1)

bulletPlaying with Delft Blue last week was nice...

tonight I have been at the historical city of Leiden to play with ZHFO. Despite (or maybe thanks to) the bad rehearsal we had a great concert: the overall feeling was good.

14 march 2005

bulletCrusade at Barbiertje was great: audience enjoying themselves. Especially thanks to some loyal fans who appeared inexpectedly. Was also nice to meet some collegue musicians as well
bulletStarted writing on the arrangement for the Steely Dan band (aka Royal Scam)
bullet....and finished the arrangement of "Rikki dont lose that number". Although the horn parts are missing in the original version, i did add some parts. Hope the bandmembers (and the audience) like it!

6 march 2005

bulletAdded Children Of The Night and Blue Train to Demeter MIDI page.

5 march 2005

bulletthe publicity for the Royal Scam gig is well on its way. Thanks to Gina we are present at even the agenda and forum of a Belgian Jazz site;
bulletdid have a nice performance with the Enterprise Bigband this evening. We served as 'play along band' for interested music students at TU Delft. We were particularly surprised by the discipline of the participants.
bulletI have been asked to be a stand-in for the upcoming Seasound Bigband concert.
bulletThe agenda has been updated
bulletThe ZHFO will be present at the WMC 2005! Quite a remarkable invitation for such a young orchestra.

28 february 2005

bulletperformance with Enterprise yesterday was going well except for one thing: finding the way. Fortunately I was not the only one suffering from this ;-)
bulletWill start working soon on the arrangement for "Rikki don't lose that number"

21 february 2005

bulletFinished the arrangement of "Bad Sneakers" for Royal Scam.

20 february 2005

bulletSome news from the music front again. After having survived the "karnaval" once more it's time to look ahead to other events.
bulletIn the meantime Demeter has been rehearsing on some new tunes for the upcoming performances. Amongst them John Coltrane's "Blue Train" and the Tom Scott adaptation of the Wayne Shorter track "Children of the night".
bulletAlso expected is a gig with Royal Scam in March for a welfare event. Right now I am busy on writing some new songs. These will be revealed later on this site.... so stay tuned. In the meantime we have been spotted by a Dutch SD fanzine, as can be checked here.
bulletNew Enterprise, ZHFO, Demeter and Crusade dates have been added to the agenda.
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