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This page is dedicated to my writing for a show full of songs, dance and performances. We (The Hazenoten) are accompanying this for almost five years. The program will be performed for two evenings in the second week of january 2001 and will draw about 1000 spectators.

The musical part of past years consisted of show tunes (Hawaii 5-O), musical tracks (Miss Saigon, Chicago), symphonic pop tunes (Show Must Go On), disco tracks (Never Can Say Goodbye), and lots more.

This year we will again backup dance group Souplesse with lead female vocalist Esther. They will perform Big Spender, a selection from Cats and Jailhouse Rock. The opening scene will be various with tunes like Migra from Santana, I Can See Clearly Now and a symphonic starter (Villa Volta by Dutch composer Ruud Bos).

The finale tracks will be "I'm So Excited" and "Eres Tú" (known from the Eurovision Song Contest)

5 january 2001

bulletToday I wrote an arrangement of "Eviva Espana". It is part of the "Opa's act" , which will include more Spanish tinged songs.

30 december 2000

bulletToday I wrote an arrangement of "Eviva Espana". It is part of the "Opa's act" , which will include more Spanish tinged songs.

27 december 2000

bulletSome more pieces for the Hofzittingen. At first "I Can See Clearly Now" by Jimmy Cliff. Originally it is a happy reggea tune, but in The Netherlands it has been made famous as a swing song by Lee Towers. It will be sung by Peter van Daele.
The next one is El Gato Montes, a paso-doble march from Argentina. Finally there is Santa Lucia, by George Baker. It will be used as an interlude between the scenes.
bulletWe rehearsed "Cats", "Big Spender" and "Jailhouse Rock" with Esther and the dancers.

8 december 2000

bulletI finished writing on a piece from the musical Cats. It's a heavy tune with lots of mood changes. This is strongened by the key changes. In total there are 14 changes. The introduction is percussive in the piano and later on in the orchestra. Then the mood changes to a minor symphonic part. Then it's major again in the reeds, later acompanied by the trumpets. After a short interlude with atonal influences. It ends with a strong riff, carried through some modulations to the well known "Memories"-tune 

3 december 2000

bulletI started writing on "Eres Tú" from Mocedades. This catchy song starts quietly and romantic, and ends up as a moving sing-along-tune.
bulletToday we rehearsed Migra and Living Doll. It went reasonably well, despite the rhythmical difficulties which are inevitable for latin music.


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Migraalbum.gif (954 bytes) Santana
Living Dollalbum.gif (954 bytes) Cliff Richard
Eres Tualbum.gif (954 bytes)lyrics.gif (931 bytes) Mocedades
Catsalbum.gif (954 bytes) Andrew Lloyd Webber
I Can See Clearly Nowalbum.gif (954 bytes) Jimmy Cliff
El Gato Montesalbum.gif (954 bytes) Manuel Pentella
Santa Luciaalbum.gif (954 bytes) George Baker
Eviva Espanaalbum.gif (954 bytes)  
Bye Bye Blackbirdalbum.gif (954 bytes) Mort Dixon/Ray Henderson
Congratulationsalbum.gif (954 bytes) Coulter
Non Non Rien Na Changealbum.gif (954 bytes)  

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